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We're teaching new skills to busy designers through tiny screencasts.

When we feel like our design skills are slipping, we start with the obvious: hunting down all the knowledge we can find.

And it leads us all sorts of places. Obscure documentation. Useless debates. Questionable design blogs. It wastes hours we could’ve spent learning. And, ultimately, shipping products.

What if your design skills never hit a plateau?

You wouldn't feel like you were falling behind. You'd be in high demand. You’d work better and faster. You’d be fluent in new technologies, never to be caught by surprise.

How much easier would it be to stay current with a reliable stream of concise, proven, cutting-edge design knowledge?

Boost your design career with tiny screencasts every week.

  • Swift

    34 Episodes
  • Sketch

    33 Episodes
  • After Effects

    15 Episodes
  • Flinto

    10 Episodes
  • Origami

    9 Episodes
  • Kite Compositor

    7 Episodes
  • Game Design

    6 Episodes
  • Experience Design

    5 Episodes
  • Principle

    5 Episodes
  • Cinema 4D

    5 Episodes

When you’re a part of, you’ll reliably unlock new knowledge every week, created by veteran designers who’ve been in the trenches. We've built startups, successful agencies, products within enterprise companies, and have written best-selling product design books.

Finding time to keep your skills sharp is tough. You’ve got a life. A job. A family. Your time’s incredibly valuable. And most of the design courses out there are monotonous, technical, and not written with the busy designer in mind.

That's why our episodes are stripped down to communicate exactly what you need. So no more wasted time and endless Googling.

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Get onto this. It's really well put together. There's a huge amount of content here that's clear and easy to get around.

David McKinneyProduct Hunt

After struggling to make apps in Xcode and Android Studio, I created a basic Swift app in minutes.

Paul StamatiouTwitter

Who we are

Chris SlowikTeaching

An animator, product designer, and teacher, Chris was most recently the Creative Director & Managing Partner at CreativeDash. CreativeDash is the most followed team on Dribbble and has built products for clients like Adobe, SanDisk, and Uber.

Scott HurffDesigning

Scott's a product designer and author. In 2016, he wrote Designing Products People Love, (published by O'Reilly) after interviewing over 30 product designers at top-tier tech companies about how they work. He's spent over a decade in startups leading design and product teams, most recently at Tinder, where he served as Product Manager and Lead Designer on products like Super Like after his team was acquired. He's currently Design Practice Lead at Philosophie in Santa Monica, CA.

Matt GoucherEngineering

Matt is an experienced javascript engineer, living in the Seattle area. He's got several years of experience building and deploying large scale applications.

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