Framer  Course

Design an iOS App - Part Two

In the first half of this course, we designed the app, and laid out the overall navigation structure. Now we can now focus on some finer interaction details on each screen to complete the prototype.

There are 4 episodes.

  • Design-Based Symbols in Framer

    Creating components in design mode is great - but how do you reuse these elements in a dynamic way? In this episode we'll explore one method of creating reusable objects...

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  • Using Templates and States on Symbols

    One reason symbols are so powerful is because you can set up the instances to be customizable using text templates and states. The drink list item has multiple states and...

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  • Replacing Sample UI Elements

    When designing your UI, it's useful to create and see states that are fueled by data. So how do you then turn around and power that UI with data in your prototype?

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  • Load and Use JSON Data with Symbols

    Symbols become even more powerful when you use them to generate dynamic content based on data. We'll start using the drink list item symbol in this episode with an extern...

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