Kite Compositor  Course

Learn Kite

Take a quick tour of Kite Compositor and come out the other side feeling like Hercules! This course covers basic workflow and touches on a couple advanced topics to explore further.

There are 4 episodes.

  • Learn Kite

    Learn how to get started making interactive prototypes in the newest player in the prototyping game, Kite Compositor.

    • 11:17
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  • Toggling States

    With a timeline based app, it can be tricky to toggle between states. Kite has a pretty elegant solution, and once you learn this trick you'll be able to build almost any...

    • 8:43
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  • Complex Animations

    Kite can do complex multi-stage animations pretty easily because of the granular approach to animation. Since easing/timing/etc are not tied to a layer, you have more fle...

    • 2:59
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  • Screen Transitions

    Creating an iOS-style push transition can seem a little tricky in Kite, due to everything being on one canvas. Check out some useful tips for making these interactions!

    • 10:17
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