1. 1

    Why to Build a Design System in Sketch

  2. 2

    Build the Foundation of the System

  3. Crafting Components That Match

  4. 4

    Assemble Some Example Screens

  5. 5

    Distribute Your Design System


Crafting Components That Match

Published by Chris Slowik

Episode Notes

Extra tips from the author

Symbols are by far the most powerful feature in Sketch. Overrides were a great addition, and now that they can be nested, symbols are better than ever. We'll be using this ability extensively in this lesson, building components based on modular symbolized parts. The cool thing, is symbols can be swapped out via override, allowing us to set up every possible combination for our component states. Only artboards that match the overridden symbol will be shown in the menu - this means you can really tailor the override experience and make it easy on yourself!

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