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    Why to Build a Design System in Sketch

  2. 2

    Build the Foundation of the System

  3. 3

    Crafting Components That Match

  4. 4

    Assemble Some Example Screens

  5. Distribute Your Design System


Distribute Your Design System

Published by Chris Slowik

Episode Notes

Extra tips from the author

Once your design system is started, you'll need to share it with team members or collaborators. One of the best ways to encourage new designs within your design system is to create a template file. This way, no editing takes place on the master design system file, but new documents can be created with the modular components and styles already in place. Invision Craft is a great way to stay in sync on Colors and Text styles, as well as simple items like icons and logos. More complex elements like nested symbols don't work as well, but it's great for keeping everyone on the same page in terms of the basics!

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