1. Bring Your Design Into Principle

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    Auto and Gesture-Based Transitions

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    Building Reusable Components

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    Drivers and Scrolling

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    Get Your Prototype Out There


Bring Your Design Into Principle

Published by Chris Slowik

Episode Notes

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Principle is one of the top tools used by interactive designers to create prototypes. By making it easy to test and iterate on your ideas, Principle gives designers the power to make better products, faster.

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Importing to Principle is pretty straightforward, although there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your design must be open in Sketch
  • Nested symbols don't import well. Break them apart to preserve appearance.
  • Groups will import, as will most simple vector layers (rectangle, ellipse, etc)
  • You can flatten a group by adding an asterisk (*) suffix to the group name in Sketch.
  • Likewise, you can prevent a layer from importing by adding a minus sign (-) suffix.
  • Complex paths will be flattened
  • Keep fills/borders to 1 per object to avoid flattening.
  • Blurs and masks will be flattened.
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