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Learn Kite

Published by Chris Slowik

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Learning Kite is Easy and Fun!

I've been digging through Kite's UI and workflow since release, and it's really quite powerful. The properties you can animate are plentiful, and they're all tied to things you'd actually use in Xcode, whether writing Obj-c or Swift. Everything in the UI includes inline documentation as well, which you can access just by clicking the label.

In this episode I'll cover the import process from Sketch - it's pretty painless. A few things don't import correctly, but since Kite lets you edit just about everything, it's easy to fix. You can create elements in Kite, and we'll cover the pen tool briefly before adding some animation and interaction to our design.


Get the free trial for Mac here and get the starter Sketch file here.

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A great tutorial on designing in Kite

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