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    From Sketch to Flinto

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    Build the Flow with Gestures

  3. More Detailed Animation

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    Using Video Layers in Flinto

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    Sharing Your Flinto Prototype


More Detailed Animation

Published by Chris Slowik

Episode Notes

Extra tips from the author

Re-Importing Designs From Sketch

No design is immune to revisions. What do you do when your design changes but you're already knee-deep in your prototype? The Sketch Importer for Flinto will actually recognize artboards that already exist within your Flinto document and simply update the layers. Keep in mind that you may need to rebuild any transitions you've already built, since at least one of the states will be updated by your import.

Micro Animations

Within the transition editor, you can tweak the properties of individual layers to create unique and dynamic animations. To spice up our menu opening, the background will collapse and expand, bringing the menu items with it. By adjusting the spacing between items and the opacity property, we can create a cool effect - especially when the animations are staggered.

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