Setup and Style Customization


Use the Login Flow as the Foundation


Adding New Modular Components


Creating Symbol Variants for Realism


Search and Typing States


Message Screen Layout


Setup and Style Customization

Published by Chris Slowik

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Why UX Power Tools?

As a designer, I love working on projects where I can really let loose and design something totally custom from scratch. The reality though, is that not every project has the budget for something like that. You'll benefit from having tools that help you create unique interfaces quickly and efficiently. A "UI Kit" tends to be very limiting and not as customizable as you might hope before downloading it. UX Power Tools Mobile is not a UI Kit, its more like a Design System Framework. I find it fits well in my workflow to keep me consistent and help me rapidly build modular components. While you could just throw together an app with the stock styles and symbols, the real power of UXPT lies in its ability to be customized.

In this course, we're going to go through the process of creating a unique and attractive app, by customizing and extending UX Power Tools. The final result is a beautiful, consistent, and modular app design.. and a comprehensive design system to go with it!

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