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Get Your Prototype Out There


Get Your Prototype Out There

Published by Chris Slowik

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Flexible Sharing Options

Principle has just about every base covered when it comes to sharing your prototype. With the built-in viewer, you have the option to record your interactions with a variety of cursors, and you can export the recording as a mov or gif. You can also export your prototype as a standalone Mac app! This is great for sharing with people who don't have Principle, as they just have to open the app and play with the prototype. One of the best ways for recording natural looking interactions is just to plug in your phone and run Principle Mirror. With QuickTime Player, you can create a New Movie Recording and choose iPhone as your source. Now, interact with your prototype on the phone and you'll get much more natural looking gestures, at a great resolution.. perfect for including in a Dribbble shot or video!

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