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Secrets of the Sketch Inspector

Published by Ray Sensenbach

Episode Notes

Extra tips from the author

Saving time and uncovering gems

The inspector is the right side panel within Sketch which allows you to adjust the settings for whichever layer you currently have active. It’s contextual options are where a lot of your time will be spent using Sketch, so this lesson is all about using it effectively and more accurately.

We’ll discuss in detail how to accomplish the following tasks in the inspector panel:

  • Using math in size and position fields
  • Resizing elements from center, left or right
  • Variable border radii
  • Image management
    • Save images as patterns
    • Use images as text fills
    • Drag / drop images into shapes + symbols
  • Multiple background, borders and shadows
  • Dynamic blurs
  • Color selection from outside Sketch

Altogether, these tips and workflow optimizations will keep you in the creative flow while limiting the time spent on smaller or repetitive tasks.

Additional Resources

This lesson uses Noto Sans, available for free on Google Fonts

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