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Use Auto-Layout to Be More Efficient


Use Auto-Layout to Be More Efficient

Published by Chris Slowik

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Before starting this lesson, head to Anima's website and download the latest version of their Auto-Layout plugin: Auto-Layout Installation


In this lesson we're going to be building a home screen for an iOS app. This is a small look inside the process I often use when designing, because it allows me to be consistent without spending a ton of effort on it. Measuring and counting arrow taps are a thing of the past and I can spend my mental energy on other elements of the design.

Key topics:

  • Using spacing guides to create rhythm
  • Typography and hierarchy
  • Stack Groups and how amazing they are
  • Pinning objects with Auto-Layout

By letting the structure be defined by the rules we've set early on, we end up producing a screen that feels right in just minutes. It takes just a short while to get used to designing in this way, but once you do, the speed and accuracy of your work will increase.

Episode Topics: