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  • Build a Shopping List Prototype

    8 EpisodesBy Chris Jacobs

    In this course you will create a shopping list that actually works and is responsive on all devices! Episodes include advanced tips around s...

  • Advanced Origami Techniques

    6 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Once you've got the basics of connecting patches and creating logic down, you can do just about anything in Origami. This series looks at so...

  • Design an iOS App - Part Two

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    In the first half of this course, we designed the app, and laid out the overall navigation structure. Now we can now focus on some finer int...

  • Runes - Build a SpriteKit Game

    11 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Building a game with SpriteKit is surprisingly easy, and super rewarding! Learn to wrangle sprites effectively and build a fun and beautiful...

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  • Inconsistent Lighting

    Learn to replicate various lighting conditions by using expressions to randomize some of the light properties.

    • "Inconsistent Lighting" in After Effects
    • 8:02
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Animation Control via Expression Layer

    After Effects files can get messy fast. This episode covers learning to be organized and controlling all layer and property frame rates in one place.

    • "Animation Control via Expression Layer" in After Effects
    • 8:52
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Write a Wiggle Expression

    With our new knowledge of expressions in After Effects we can write a Wiggle expression to make layer properties a bit more random.

    • "Write a Wiggle Expression" in After Effects
    • 4:06
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Using the posterizeTime Expression

    In this episode, we'll ditch The Posterize Time Effect and learn how to write expressions in After Effects – specifically how to write a posterizeTime expression, which a...

    • "Using the posterizeTime Expression" in After Effects
    • 5:56
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Achieving a Paper Cutout Look

    This episode covers how to achieve a realistic paper-cutout look. With just few tricks, you'll make your digital creations look hand-made.

    • "Achieving a Paper Cutout Look" in After Effects
    • 11:12
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Using the Posterize Time Effect

    Using the Posterize Time effect allows you to change a layer's frame rate. Here's how to use it.

    • "Using the Posterize Time Effect" in After Effects
    • 3:16
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Add Imperfection With The Wiggler Tool

    Imperfections are one of the trademarks of hand-made animation. Learn to add similar imperfections to rotation and position with the Wiggler tool.

    • "Add Imperfection With The Wiggler Tool" in After Effects
    • 10:05
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Easy-Peasy Stop Motion

    This intro episode will explain the basics of stop-motion, and get you started with the simplest and easiest methods of mimicking the technique in After Effects.

    • "Easy-Peasy Stop Motion" in After Effects
    • 4:35
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Build an AE Workspace for UI Animation

    Building a workspace that is tailored to the type of work you're doing is essential to being more productive. In this episode, you'll build a UI Animation workspace and l...

    • "Build an AE Workspace for UI Animation" in After Effects
    • 5:57
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Improved Text Alignment and Sharing in Sketch

    The latest version of Sketch adds support for measuring text in different and useful ways, as well as some new sync and sharing features. Check out the details here.

    • "Improved Text Alignment and Sharing in Sketch" in Sketch
    • 3:17
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched

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