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  • Build a Shopping List Prototype

    8 EpisodesBy Chris Jacobs

    In this course you will create a shopping list that actually works and is responsive on all devices! Episodes include advanced tips around s...

  • Advanced Origami Techniques

    6 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Once you've got the basics of connecting patches and creating logic down, you can do just about anything in Origami. This series looks at so...

  • Design an iOS App - Part Two

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    In the first half of this course, we designed the app, and laid out the overall navigation structure. Now we can now focus on some finer int...

  • Runes - Build a SpriteKit Game

    11 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Building a game with SpriteKit is surprisingly easy, and super rewarding! Learn to wrangle sprites effectively and build a fun and beautiful...

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  • Using Sound in Framer

    Framer has a generous library of built-in sound effects from Facebook to add depth to your prototypes. Sound goes a long way toward making an experience feel amazing - an...

    • "Using Sound in Framer" in Framer
    • 3:26
    • Pros Only
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  • Complete the Answer Transition

    The final piece of the puzzle is to advance to the next question when the user selects an answer. We'll hook up that animation and interaction in this step.

    • "Complete the Answer Transition" in Framer
    • 4:56
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Connect Events to the Button Array

    With the foundation set up, we need to set up tap events to make this quiz functional. Each button tap needs to check the text vs the answer, and provide feedback animati...

    • "Connect Events to the Button Array" in Framer
    • 6:10
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Framer Gradients and Animations

    Animating gradient layers is very similar to animating any other layer in Framer. In this episode, we'll handle setting up that animation and tie a gradient color to each...

    • "Framer Gradients and Animations" in Framer
    • 3:03
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Using Framer Text Layer Templates

    Templates allow you to work with specific parts of your text, eliminating the need to build complex strings with a lot of concatenation.

    • "Using Framer Text Layer Templates" in Framer
    • 4:17
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Import JSON Data and Map to Design Layers

    This quiz game prototype is going to be built with the intent to be easily editable. That means we want to import the quiz questions and metadata from a file. Learn how t...

    • "Import JSON Data and Map to Design Layers" in Framer
    • 6:01
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Build a Dynamic Quiz Game in Framer Design

    Framer's Design mode UI is easier to use than ever and includes powerful options for text. In this episode, we'll take a look at how to use gradients in design and the ne...

    • "Build a Dynamic Quiz Game in Framer Design" in Framer
    • 7:19
    • Free to Watch
    • Watched
  • Build a 3D Scroll Transition in Flinto

    One of Flinto's fortés is the ease with which you can build transitions, no matter how many layers are moving around and changing. Let's make this boring transition compl...

    • "Build a 3D Scroll Transition in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 10:03
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Creating Complex Components with Multistage Behaviors in Flinto

    Most components have many more than just two states. On this detail level, there are quite a few micro-interactions that can be defined as part of one behavior.

    • "Creating Complex Components with Multistage Behaviors in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 13:31
    • Pros Only
    • Watched
  • Create Intermediate Animations with Behaviors in Flinto

    Building a basic behavior is fairly straightforward, but lets take it a bit further by adding some more detailed animations to a behavior.

    • "Create Intermediate Animations with Behaviors in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 4:15
    • Pros Only
    • Watched

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