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  • Introduction to XD

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Adobe's Experience Design is on track to become your next go-to design and prototyping tool. With everything you need in one place, you owe ...

There are 5 Experience Design episodes.

  • Share and Collaborate

    Like most prototyping apps, Adobe Experience Design makes it pretty easy to share your designs via web, email, or direct connection.

    • "Share and Collaborate" in Experience Design
    • 1:45
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  • Connect It All

    Now that you've got a few screens designed, learn how to put it all together with XD's Prototype mode. Connect your screens with interactions in a matter of seconds!

    • "Connect It All" in Experience Design
    • 6:20
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  • Repeating Elements

    Adobe XD makes it really easy to create repeating grids of content, and to make them scrollable. Check it out!

    • "Repeating Elements" in Experience Design
    • 6:18
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  • Getting to know the interface

    Adobe Experience Design is built with UI creation in mind. The interface feels familiar and effective, but the simple tips in this lesson will help you feel even more at ...

    • "Getting to know the interface" in Experience Design
    • 6:26
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  • Screens and Symbols

    With a good grasp of the interface, get started building more UI elements. Using symbols can really speed up your workflow.

    • "Screens and Symbols" in Experience Design
    • 5:59
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