Flinto lets designers quickly make interactive prototypes of their mobile, desktop, or web apps.

There are 3 Flinto courses.

  • How to Use Flinto Behaviors

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    One of the more useful features of Flinto is the ability to create micro-interactions without having to create multiple versions of a single...

  • Advanced Prototyping

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Among Flinto's powerful feature list is 3d transforms. We'll be using this along with masking and other advanced Flinto techniques to put to...

  • Flinto Crash Course

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Get acquainted with one of the hottest prototyping apps out there - Flinto. In this quick 5 lesson crash course, you'll learn how to make a ...

There are 14 Flinto episodes.

  • Build a 3D Scroll Transition in Flinto

    One of Flinto's fortés is the ease with which you can build transitions, no matter how many layers are moving around and changing. Let's make this boring transition compl...

    • "Build a 3D Scroll Transition in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 10:03
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  • Creating Complex Components with Multistage Behaviors in Flinto

    Most components have many more than just two states. On this detail level, there are quite a few micro-interactions that can be defined as part of one behavior.

    • "Creating Complex Components with Multistage Behaviors in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 13:31
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  • Create Intermediate Animations with Behaviors in Flinto

    Building a basic behavior is fairly straightforward, but lets take it a bit further by adding some more detailed animations to a behavior.

    • "Create Intermediate Animations with Behaviors in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 4:15
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  • What is a Behavior in Flinto?

    In Flinto, micro-interactions are contained inside "behaviors". We'll kick it off by defining a simple behavior with two states and a tap.

    • "What is a Behavior in Flinto?" in Flinto
    • 5:27
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  • Show the Ledger

    The ledger transition is going to involve a staggered effect on the list items to really make their appearance something special.

    • "Show the Ledger" in Flinto
    • 4:07
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  • Request Coins

    Requesting coins will be a bit simpler than sending, but the overall idea is the same. Expanding tap areas to accommodate new content looks great.

    • "Request Coins" in Flinto
    • 3:15
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  • Send Coins User Flow

    The first user flow to prototype is the 'send coin' interaction. This will serve as the example for the other action items.

    • "Send Coins User Flow" in Flinto
    • 6:11
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  • Unfold the Home Screen

    The home screen reveals in a super stylish way - by unfolding from the top! Transforming items in 3d is one of the areas Flinto shines.

    • "Unfold the Home Screen" in Flinto
    • 5:07
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  • Get Started With Login

    Before diving in to some of the more advanced transitions, we'll take a quick look at the user flow and set up the login process.

    • "Get Started With Login" in Flinto
    • 2:19
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  • Sharing Your Flinto Prototype

    So you've made a killer prototype - how do you share it with the world? You've got a handful of methods at your disposal, both interactive and not.

    • "Sharing Your Flinto Prototype" in Flinto
    • 2:37
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