Flinto lets designers quickly make interactive prototypes of their mobile, desktop, or web apps.

There are 3 Flinto courses.

  • How to Use Flinto Behaviors

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    One of the more useful features of Flinto is the ability to create micro-interactions without having to create multiple versions of a single...

  • Advanced Prototyping

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Among Flinto's powerful feature list is 3d transforms. We'll be using this along with masking and other advanced Flinto techniques to put to...

  • Flinto Crash Course

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Get acquainted with one of the hottest prototyping apps out there - Flinto. In this quick 5 lesson crash course, you'll learn how to make a ...

There are 14 Flinto episodes.

  • Using Video Layers in Flinto

    Flinto lets you import and use video layers, which can be really useful when prototyping a real world application.

    • "Using Video Layers in Flinto" in Flinto
    • 3:25
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  • More Detailed Animation

    Beyond just simple transitions, you can build fairly complex things in Flinto, by animating individual layers.

    • "More Detailed Animation" in Flinto
    • 4:24
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  • Build the Flow with Gestures

    Stringing together a prototype in Flinto is as easy as drawing links between screens. Start making your design into a real prototype.

    • "Build the Flow with Gestures" in Flinto
    • 5:57
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  • From Sketch to Flinto

    Check out this simple and easy workflow to get your designs from Sketch into Flinto

    • "From Sketch to Flinto" in Flinto
    • 4:49
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