Game Design

Creating a game from scratch sounds like a fun dream, but its easy to get bogged down trying to figure out how to actually implement ideas. Our coverage of Game Design will demystify both design and development of games, and guide you through all the delights and challenges along the way.

There are 4 Game Design courses.

  • Runes - Build a SpriteKit Game

    11 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Building a game with SpriteKit is surprisingly easy, and super rewarding! Learn to wrangle sprites effectively and build a fun and beautiful...

  • Build a Gamepad-Controlled TV Prototype

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Build a TV-focused prototype and learn how to use Framer Joystick, an awesome open-source module that enables gamepad control and more. Lear...

  • Make a Data-Driven Prototype

    7 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Grab your keyboard and get ready to learn about imported data, gradient animations, dynamic text, and sound with this fun quiz prototype.

  • Game Design in Sketch

    6 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Sketch is universal in standard UI design, but it's just as capable of designing game UI as well. This course will hit the fundamentals of d...

There are 23 Game Design episodes.

  • Displaying Score Feedback

    For every score, the player should feel or see some kind of feedback. We'll start creating that feedback for our game by generating a score floater every time a rune is s...

    • "Displaying Score Feedback" in Swift
    • 8:18
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  • Keeping Score

    It's high time we start adding some game rules to this thing. In this episode we'll start keeping track of the score on every swipe, using a closure to help the game scen...

    • "Keeping Score" in Swift
    • 8:41
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  • Build Out the UI Text

    To communicate game status to the user, we'll use some UIKit elements like labels and images on top of our game scene. It's pretty common to mix and match UIKit and Spri...

    • "Build Out the UI Text" in Swift
    • 12:24
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  • Add Physics to Shatter Runes

    Adding physics to sprites is really easy using SKPhysicsBody. In this episode we'll get to work shattering runes on successful swipes, by implementing a cool physics-base...

    • "Add Physics to Shatter Runes" in Swift
    • 14:00
    • Pros Only
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  • Determine Swipe Direction

    Once we're sure that a tap has taken place on a rune sprite, we can start watching for a valid swipe. Knowing when that happens and which direction the swipe is going is ...

    • "Determine Swipe Direction" in Swift
    • 6:18
    • Pros Only
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  • Detecting Taps on Runes

    The first step of building out the user interaction for our game is to know if the user has tapped a rune sprite or not. We'll lay that groundwork in this episode and get...

    • "Detecting Taps on Runes" in Swift
    • 5:27
    • Pros Only
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  • Draw the Rune Sprites

    Everything we need to draw the game pieces is now in place. It's time to finally get some Runes on the board! Here we'll hop back into GameScene to do some drawing.

    • "Draw the Rune Sprites" in Swift
    • 6:02
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  • Create the Level Model

    With the Rune game piece model defined, we can use that to build a level constructed of Runes. This class will basically keep track of the game pieces as well as some oth...

    • "Create the Level Model" in Swift
    • 5:47
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  • Define the Game Piece Model

    The data model for our game can be thought of like building blocks. The rune is the smallest building block - a collection of which is a level, and so on. Let's get start...

    • "Define the Game Piece Model" in Swift
    • 13:16
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  • Lay Out the Game UI

    Most games have a static UI of some kind, and ours will be a combination of SpriteKit and UIKit elements. In this episode we'll lay out the majority of the remaining stat...

    • "Lay Out the Game UI" in Swift
    • 8:54
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