Kite Compositor

The newest prototyping app to hit the market, Kite Compositor offers a host of features to set it apart from the competition, from using native core animation to allowing the addition of scripting. This might be your new favorite tool.

There are 4 Kite Compositor courses.

  • Kite to Code

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Use Kite to create a custom input field with a ton of awesome micro-interactions. Kite generates the Swift code that forms the basis of the ...

  • Elite Input Prototyping

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    With Kite, you can make some very realistic user input prototypes, including accepting input and doing something with it. In this course we'...

  • Advanced Kite

    3 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Dig deeper than just the simple transitions and gestures, using advanced techniques like scripting. Uncover the full potential of Kite!

  • Learn Kite

    4 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Take a quick tour of Kite Compositor and come out the other side feeling like Hercules! This course covers basic workflow and touches on a c...

There are 13 Kite Compositor episodes.

  • Export Swift Code

    Code export is finally available in Kite, and we'll use it to get our checkbox out and into Xcode as Swift code. It's a great starting point for customization, as all the...

    • "Export Swift Code" in Kite Compositor
    • 4:35
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  • Import and Animate the Checkbox

    This first episode is all about just getting our sketch design into Kite and animating it. With Kite being so new, we figured a quick refresher is in order!

    • "Import and Animate the Checkbox" in Kite Compositor
    • 5:51
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  • Live Input Validation

    One giant step toward realism is incorporating live features like input validation when the user is typing. We'll be adding that to the email field now.

    • "Live Input Validation" in Kite Compositor
    • 4:14
    • Pros Only
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  • Adding Detailed Micro Interactions to Input Fields

    Now that the basics of our input fields are set up, we can start to add some more delightful micro-interactions. In this episode we'll add an animated field label that ap...

    • "Adding Detailed Micro Interactions to Input Fields" in Kite Compositor
    • 9:13
    • Pros Only
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  • Making Styled Text Inputs in Kite

    Kite includes a new action called "Append Text" which lets you easily add user input to any custom text field. We'll take it a step further and make a masked password inp...

    • "Making Styled Text Inputs in Kite" in Kite Compositor
    • 5:36
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  • Importing from Sketch into Kite and Hooking Up Actions

    We'll kick off with a quick review of how to import your design from Sketch, then we'll add animations and actions to our input fields.

    • "Importing  from Sketch into Kite and Hooking Up Actions" in Kite Compositor
    • 7:18
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  • Screen Transitions

    Creating an iOS-style push transition can seem a little tricky in Kite, due to everything being on one canvas. Check out some useful tips for making these interactions!

    • "Screen Transitions" in Kite Compositor
    • 10:17
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  • Build Some Buttons

    To kick off our Advanced Kite course, we're going to quickly review the basics and do some UI building and micro-interactions in this lesson.

    • "Build Some Buttons" in Kite Compositor
    • 4:46
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  • Building a Functional Timer

    Learn how to combine scripts and actions to create a functional timer component, with a variable time. We'll also cover important methods of keeping your code modular.

    • "Building a Functional Timer" in Kite Compositor
    • 7:12
    • Pros Only
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  • Intro to Scripting

    Scripting in Kite is really where the most power is. Learn how to get started writing scripts for your UI elements, and how it all ties together.

    • "Intro to Scripting" in Kite Compositor
    • 5:38
    • Pros Only
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