Principle makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces. Whether you're designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing.

There is 1 Principle course.

  • Principle Primer

    5 EpisodesBy Chris Slowik

    Build yourself a slick animated prototype with Principle, one of today's top choices for interactive design. Import your designs from Sketch...

There are 5 Principle episodes.

  • Get Your Prototype Out There

    What good is a prototype if you're the only one who gets to play with it? Share your work with the world now that it's ready!

    • "Get Your Prototype Out There" in Principle
    • 4:14
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  • Drivers and Scrolling

    If you need to make animations that are tied to scroll or drag position, Principle is a great choice. Drivers allow you to link properties to achieve user-controlled anim...

    • "Drivers and Scrolling" in Principle
    • 6:04
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  • Building Reusable Components

    One sure-fire way to increase your speed of prototyping and updating existing prototypes is to build modularly. Similar to how a symbol works in Sketch, components are ho...

    • "Building Reusable Components" in Principle
    • 3:40
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  • Auto and Gesture-Based Transitions

    Like most current prototyping apps, states are represented by screens, called Artboards in Principle. Those familiar with After Effects will enjoy the timeline-based anim...

    • "Auto and Gesture-Based Transitions" in Principle
    • 7:44
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  • Bring Your Design Into Principle

    Principle has a smooth import workflow, especially if your designs are in Sketch. To get started with the Primer, we're going to set up our prototype screens via Sketch i...

    • "Bring Your Design Into Principle" in Principle
    • 6:57
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